Dima at a glance

Our goals


Dima Coating Company has started its activity in the field of modern constructional facades (prefabricated facade) since 2007. Dima Cover is trying to keep pace with the progress of the building industry in the world by introducing and launching new innovations to improve the industry in Iran. In this case, the great experience and familiarity with this industry is the first step, which Dima Coating Company has accumulated valuable experience in participating in various projects, and is now proud to enter the third year since the launch of the first factory for the production of reinforced concrete facades Glass (GRC) in Iran in 2014 will occupy an area of ​​27,000 square meters, with 9,000 square meters of infrastructure and more than 100 specialized personnel, to contribute to the modernization of manufacturing facade manufacturing technology in Iran.

Dima's general objectives of structural coating

Introduction and development of the latest technologies in the field of interior and exterior building look

Research and experience in the field of localizing new techniques in the implementation of modern building styles

Matching existing global methods with the country's climatic and geographical conditions

Helping to train the country's young expert on changing traditional ways and raising the quality and efficiency of specialist forces.

fields of activity

Producing and executing prefabricated facade GRC glass fiber reinforced concrete

Import and run the HPL HPL

Import and implementation of all kinds of aluminum facades

Import and implementation of Terra cotta clay

Dima Coating Company experience during the activity

Execution of about 120,000 square meters of GRC facade and about 130,000 square meters of GRC faces in operation

Run more than 65,000 square meters of HP

Execution of more than 12 thousand square meters of aluminum composite

Execution of 5,000 square meters of pottery

Run around 5,000 square meters of Curtain Wall display

Run around 6,000 square meters of Kutah view

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