Di panel

Introduction of prefabricated pieces

Prefabricated pieces:

These parts are made up of existing designs and molds of a specific size, massively manufactured and branded components Dipanels It is presented to the customer. Strength, elegance and speed in running are the main features of this product. The main color is the white parts that can be painted with the desired color (acrylic).

Groups of Dipanel:

1 Decorative: Your stuff is full.

2 Grid: Includes grid sketches with a variety of slavic and modern designs.

The panels can be used on the external and internal facades of the buildings.

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How to order prefabricated parts

Each of the designs is named by a specific code and their listings are available on the company's website as well as the catalog. During contact with the sales unit on the order of priority, as soon as possible, the parts will be ready to be delivered and delivered.

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Installation methods of the panel


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