The standards governing the production of GCR

  • Standard BS EN 1170-1 or Seed Test, which is performed daily to ensure homogeneity of the matrix.
  • Standard BS EN 1170-2 or bag and bucket tests performed daily on Grid 18 to ensure the calibration of slurry and fiber ratios.
  • Standard BS EN 1170-3 or a daily rinse test to confirm the content of Grid 18 material fiber.
  • Standard BS EN 1170-4 / 5 or bending tests, which is one of the most vital tests to be carried out at a specified frequency every day.
  • Standard BS EN 1170-6, which is used to measure water absorption on a monthly basis.

American Society Materials and Measurement Standards:

ASTM - C947-89

ASTM - C948-81

ASTM - C887-79a

French standards:

Avis No.17 / 80-82

Avis No.7 / 83-235

Avis No.16 / 83-105

Avis No.1 / 84-514

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